Denmark tops Anti-Corruption Index

In 2013, Denmark is once again in the top of the Transparency International's study of perceived corruption in public sectors worldwide. No bribery and an open and well-functioning public sector have given Denmark brilliant rankings since the first study in 1995.

The CPI – Corruption Perception Index - is the most widely used indicator of corruption worldwide. It is based on a combination of surveys and assessments of corruption collected by reputable institutions. This year’s study covers 177 nations.

While Denmark scores 91 point out of 100, two thirds of the 177 countries ranked in the 2013 index score below 50.

Denmark is often highlighted as a great place to do business, because of the safe business environment with no bribery and a very well-functioning public sector. Just recently the World Bank ranked Denmark number one in Europe in ease of doing business.

About the Corruption Perception Index (CPI)
The CPI is an indicator of perceptions of public sector corruption, i.e. administrative and political corruption. It is not a verdict on the levels of corruption of entire nations or societies, or of their policies, or the activities of their private sector. CPI is conducted by Transparency International, a global civil society organisation against corruption.

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