Danish fashion is successful abroad

International exports within the fashion industry bring in billions.

According to public broadcaster DR, the Danish fashion industry had a turnover of 38.6 billion DKK in 2012 of which 22.7 billion came from export to international markets. So far in 2013, international exports account for 9.2 billion DKK, which is a 2.6 per cent increase from last year. 

Export to Germany has increased at an even greater speed, growing by 9.3 per cent so far this year and accounting for 215 million DKK, according to Michael Hillmose, international director of the national trade association for textile and clothing companies, Danish Fashion and Textile. But not only Germany is pushing Denmark's international fashion industry in a positive direction. Exports to the UK and Norway have increased by 14.7 and 8.7 per cent respectively this year.

"The increase in exports has been nearly constant over the last 15 years," says Hillmose. "There has indeed been some instability due to the crisis but we have already surpassed our goals despite of the challenges, and we are growing at a steady rate. We should be pleased with that."

"Over the next three to four months there will be trade and fashion shows all over the world and it is crucial that we participate - and we will," Hillmose said to DR.