Danish energy system receives top marks

The World Economic Forum has been comparing national energy systems and Denmark has taken first place in two out of three categories. The Danish energy system has been recognised for creating growth and development and for having a very high security of supply.

A green growth economy
Denmark took top spot in an assessment of the contribution of the energy systems to economic growth and development. Denmark also came top for its high security of supply and access to energy. In the third category, an assessment of the environmental and climate sustainability of the energy system, Denmark ranked number 14. Overall, Denmark came in third place in the EU.

The reason behind the low score in the last category can be ascribed to the fact that the WEF categorises nuclear power and renewable energy equally in terms of sustainability:

-We are well underway with the green transition of the Danish energy system. A transition that creates growth and jobs simultaneously. Therefore, there is no discrepancy between being a green country and a wealthy country. These top marks from the WEF put an additional spotlight on Denmark and we should be pleased that we, as a small country, can lead the way, says Martin Lidegaard, Minister of Climate, Energy and Building.

In the worldwide ranking, Denmark came in sixth position, which is two places higher than last year.

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