Danish cleantech wanted in Senegal

In December, Senegal’s Ministry of Energy and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster signed an MoU in Senegal’s capital Dakar. This is a tangible sign of the committed interest in Danish cleantech shown by Senegal.

In addition to signing the MoU, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster has been invited to speak about city solutions at an important conference in Dakar where Danish cleantech solutions to Senegal’s environmental challenges will be showcased.

During the autumn of 2013, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster has been visiting different African countries, namely Kenya, Morocco and now Senegal. The objective has been to seek out environmental challenges where Danish knowledge could be of value. Senegal has been particularly proactive in its interest in working with Danish companies and solutions. The country experienced extreme growth rates back in the 1970s and 1980s. However, this growth proved to be unsustainable and the 1990s took its toll on the country.

Now Senegal is again experiencing economic growth and is focused on finding clean solutions to its environmental and energy-related challenges. To ensure sustainable future growth, an MoU between Senegal's Ministry of Energy and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster has been signed. The MoU focuses on areas within waste management, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Co-creating integrated solutions
The agreement belongs under the CCC Complex Cleantech Solutions project initiated by the Danish Industry Foundation, who support integrated solutions to complex problems. The challenges that Senegal and other countries in the region face are of a different scope and scale to those in Denmark, which means that no single technology will suffice. The idea of the project is therefore to work with integrated solutions, and the aim of the agreement will be to identify specific projects where Danish companies and the Senegalese authorities can co-create cleantech solutions which will accelerate sustainable development in the country.