Danes are fond of the Danish business life

The Danes’ view on Danish companies is positive despite accusations of tax evasion. That is the conclusion from a new EU study which indicates that the Danes by far have the most positive view on business.

85 per cent of Danes think that Danish companies in general influence the society positively. In other European countries, only app. every other citizen says the same. That is evident from the new survey by the EU Commission 'How companies influence our society: Citizens' view'.

Coresponsibility is worthwhile
The Danes’ positive view on corporate influence can be explained by the systematic work that has been done in Denmark for companies to assume social responsibility, says Casper Rose, Professor at the Institute for International Economics and Management at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

'The figures do not surprise me, as we in Denmark, compared to many other European countries, are far ahead when it comes to CSR, i.e. companies' social responsibility. The 1,100 largest companies are required to report on their social responsibility.

Business insight
The Danes are taken aback when businesses are involved in unfortunate affairs. However, they generally consider themselves well-informed about companies’ doings. And two out of three Danes indicate that they feel knowledgeable about what companies do to behave in a socially responsible way.

As a result, Denmark scores highest on this parameter among all the EU countries. In the EU in general, only just over a third of citizens on average feel that they have sufficient knowledge about what companies in their countries do to live up to their social responsibility. 

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