Copenhagen to host congress on global challenges and sustainable solutions

Copenhagen has been chosen as host city of next year’s IARU Sustainability Science Congress. The congress invites experts across disciplines to break down academic barriers and jumpstart a broader collaboration on sustainable solutions relevant for society.

The International Alliance of Research Universities is behind next year's major international conference hosted by the University of Copenhagen.

Focussing on climate, resources, economy, nature, health, education and society as inextricably linked factors, the congress opens up for a broader approach to global challenges by bringing together experts from all disciplines. The aim is to stimulate the scientific community to work together for holistic solutions and provide a platform for new solutions to global challenges.

An interdisciplinary approach
-Most scientific congresses attract only contributions from a limited number of disciplines. A congress like this represents a paradigm shift in the research world, where we have the opportunity to bring together our academic fields. The reason for it happening right now is a clear societal need for sustainable solutions to global challenges. Such solutions require a holistic approach and the convergence of disciplines, explains Professor Katherine Richardson, Head of the Sustainability Science Center at the University of Copenhagen and the Scientific Steering Committee of the congress.

The International Alliance of Research Universities includes Australian National University, ETH Zürich, National University of Singapore, Peking University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Tokyo, Yale University and University of Copenhagen.

For programme and more information visit the event website