Copenhagen awarded Climate Leadership Prize

The city of Copenhagen has won the Carbon Measurement and Planning category in a new Leadership Prize Award as a result of its comprehensive and targeted carbon reduction master plan, the CPH 2025 Climate Plan. Copenhagen aims to become the first carbon neutral capital city by 2025.

To reach this ambitious goal, the city council has adopted a wide range of initiatives that together should take the city’s CO2 consumption from its current level of around 2.5 million tonnes to under 1.2 million tonnes in less than two decades. The fact that the city is aiming to make up the balance of its remaining CO2 consumption by generating its own clean electricity is particularly innovative and ambitious.

The CPH 2025 Climate Plan was created with the clear goal of attaining a better quality of life for its citizens, encourage innovation, and create jobs and investment. This city has proven that the key to success is close cooperation between government, businesses, knowledge institutions and citizens.

The newly created “City Leadership Awards” will provide recognition for cities that are demonstrating leadership through the implementation of scalable solutions that lower emissions and address issues cities are facing as a result of global climate change. The award is initiated by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and Siemens, who announced a new collaboration earlier this year.

Copenhagen’s Climate Adaption Plan receives Index Award
At the end of August, the Danish capital was awarded another prize for its green initiatives. Copenhagen received the world's largest design award, the INDEX: Award 2013, for its successful adaptation to climate changes with a plan that considers flooding and climate adaptation as a resource rather than a problem, benefiting businesses and citizens alike. The plan was one of two winners in the COMMUNITY category of the INDEX: Award 2013.

-“Copenhagen is already a world leader in green and sustainable solutions. By implementing the Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan, the city can stimulate growth and sustainability at the same time. We believe that a climate-proof city is more attractive to live and invest in,” says Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen.

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