Copenhagen Capacity granted directorship in the fDi Association

Copenhagen Capacity is granted a directorship in the exclusive fDi Association.

A directorship in the fDi Association followed when Copenhagen Capacity recently was awarded the world’s most innovative regional investment promotion agency by Financial Times.

The fDi association is a global professional organisation designed to strengthen cooperation between companies, governments and investment agencies and to advise organisations and regions around the world on how to be attractive to international companies and investors. Only three investment promotion organisations are invited to the board to represent Europe, North America and Asia.

- The directorship is a unique opportunity for Copenhagen Capacity to promote the region but also to learn more about what companies think about internationalisation and share knowledge and ideas and join forces in the ever more fierce competition for investments, says Claus Lønborg, Managing Director of Copenhagen Capacity.

London based ”Red Hot Locations" has initiated FDI Association, which will be officially launched in November.

Financial Times and the Red Hot Locations both highlights Copenhagen Capacity’s ability to summon and work with both regional and local governments, institutions and private stakeholders on joint initiatives and growth agendas as reasons for the fine rankings and directorship.