Solar cells are expanding: the largest system in Scandinavia installed in Ballerup

Scandinavia's largest solar cell system started production last week, writes Danish news site At 5,000 square metres, the system is almost the size of a football field and generates energy from the roof of the insurance company Topdanmark’s office building in Ballerup.

Topdanmark expects that the system can capture enough sunlight to save the company DKK 1.3 million a year, which corresponds to 15 percent of the building's total energy consumption.

Flat roofs for solar cells
Topdanmark is following a trend in which several businesses have installed solar cell systems.

The number of solar cell systems has grown from 3,000 to 20,000 in just one year, and although it is primarily private households investing in solar panels, companies are also waking up to the sun.

Office buildings are perfect for solar cell systems, says Richard Shalburg, Chief Consultant of the Danish Energy Association.

- Many office buildings have flat roofs, and you can easily turn the solar panels in the direction that is most profitable, he continues.