Rockwool to insulate Empire State Building

Empire State Building, which is New York's second tallest building reaching 381 meters up in the sky, is currently undergoing a major renovation. The Rockwool Group, headquartered in the Copenhagen Region, is involved in making the building more environmentally friendly and fireproof, writes

The Rockwool Group has received recognition that could be compared to a noble approval in the insulation industry.

Empire State Building which has been part of New York City’s skyline for over 80 years is currently being renovated for more than USD 0.5 billion. The building will be more fire-resistant and better insulation will improve the building’s energy efficiency and create an environmentally friendly landmark in the city.

The renovation project includes transforming concrete roof areas into green oases. One of the Rockwool Group’s companies, American Roxul Inc., has been selected as supplier of insulation for this part of the project.

-Roxul’s products have been selected because their fire-resistant properties and dimensional stability provide the optimal roof insulation solution, says Leslie McLaren, Government Affairs & Corporate Communications Manager at Roxul Inc., in a press release from the Group.

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