Public initiative sends Danish enterprises to Silicon Valley

Five Danish IT companies will get the opportunity to build a network and propagate their technology in Silicon Valley, reports

Innovation Centre Denmark inaugurates a new project named SCALEit. Five selected Danish IT firms will spend six weeks in Silicon Valley, California, seeking to strengthen international bonds and hunt business opportunities.

The Danish government will grant each of the five companies DKK 70.000 and the Minister for Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen Dyhr, is certain that the commercial push will generate Danish jobs.

- I believe the initiative will create Danish jobs. And if Danish companies are to compete in the international arena, they must be challenged by some of the best IT programmers – and they are in Silicon Valley, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

One of the five chosen companies to participate in the project is Copenhagen-based The Eye Tribe. The company has developed a technology, enabling users to “press” a button on their smartphone or tablet screen, by simply looking at it. Founder and CEO Sune Alstrup Johansen is very excited about this opportunity and he has great prior experience with the American cluster, Silicon Valley.

- Every time we have visited Silicon Valley, things move fast. The ecosystem makes the exchange of contacts superior to anywhere else in the IT world. And since we are at a stage where we have to devote a lot of resources to product development and creating a prototype, we need contacts, says Sune Alstrup.

Witness The Eye Tribe technology here.