Organic matters

Denmark is celebrating its 25 year anniversary of becoming the first country to implement organic farming legislation, writes the National Association of Agriculture.

Over the past 25 years organic farmers have saved 300 billion litres of pesticide spray per year from entering the groundwater. Millions of animals have lived free-range and 30 percent more vegetation has been grown in organic areas compared to non-organic.

- Organic farming is the unique alliance between agricultural producers and consumers, which formed the basis of the organic movement in Denmark and led to the creation of the first organic legislation in the world, the Ø-mark. This legislation and government controls are the consumers’ guarantee of environmental protection, food commodity production without the unnecessary use of chemicals and a focus on the welfare of animals, says Evald Vestergaard, President of the National Association of Agriculture.

Danes are among the highest consumers of organic products in the world, only surpassed by the Swiss. This gives thousands of Danish farmers and agronomists the opportunity to produce according to their values of a clean environment and optimal conditions for the animals.

- There is reason to be proud. There is reason to say thank you to consumers, shops, companies, researchers and politicians who have contributed to the development of the organic movement. This support provides us with the energy to cope with the new challenges we face in terms of climate change, environmental protection and a continuing improvement in animal welfare, concludes Evald Vestergaard.