New cleantech collaboration between Denmark and Sweden

Green Cooperation Denmark-Sweden is leading the way to green solutions in the Øresund Region. Delegations from all over the world travel to the Øresund Region to experience sustainable solutions within energy, climate and the environment. A new initiative will ensure that foreign delegations get the opportunity to visit both Danish and Swedish cleantech solutions on the same study trip.

With Green Cooperation Denmark-Sweden, foreign delegations will be able to visit sustainable solutions on both sides of the Sound on a single trip. Previously, the delegations had to arrange the visits across the Øresund Bridge themselves, but today it is possible to arrange a trip that covers the overall Øresund Region.

The collaboration has created an overview of the various cleantech companies and organizations in the Øresund Region, and is thus now able to tailor visit programs precisely to the guests’ needs.

-There are a lot of exciting new solutions within renewable energy, sustainable construction and CO2-reducing transportation on both sides of the Øresund. Because of Green Cooperation Denmark-Sweden we are now able to show even more visitors the numerous green initiatives in our region. This shows that improved co-operation between the trade and marketing organizations in Scania and the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area is the way forward if we’re going to compete with other large city regions, says the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen (S).

Green Cooperation Denmark-Sweden is a co-operation between Sustainable Business Hub Scania, State of Green, the City of Copenhagen, Malmö and the University of Lund. Green Cooperation Denmark-Sweden is part of the Energy Øresund project, which is supported by the Interreg IVA programme/EU.

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