More Ph. D. students to create knowledge, growth and prosperity

The Danish government’s new financial budget will further its ambitious plans to increase the number of PhD students, reports the Ministry for Research, Innovation and Tertiary Education.

Between 2003 and 2010 the number of accepted PhD students doubled and this is a development the authorities want to continue. The Globalisation Strategy that was inaugurated in 2006 allowed universities to enrol up to 2400 PhD students and this initiative will be reintroduced with the new financial budget, as it has been proven that these specialised academics promote Danish research and strengthen competitiveness.

Growth in the hiring of people with PhDs is primarily in the private sector. A recent analysis from Epinion shows that the high educational level of people with PhDs is in demand by both small Danish enterprises and large, research-intensive companies.

- This demand emphasizes that we have to sustain our efforts in creating a highly educated workforce which can create growth and prosperity in Denmark, says Morten Østergaard, Minister for Education.

Despite the last few years of recession, employment levels for people with PhDs have been at a steady 94 percent. According to the analysis by Epinion, the demand and supply of people with PhDs will be in balance until 2030, which means that PhD students that are educated over the next 12 years will be able to find work.

Lastly, every third company in Epinion’s survey reported that the work of their employee with a PhD is directly associated with innovation and development.