A lot more Metro in the pipeline

On the Metro’s 10th anniversary, experts are claiming that it has both helped to create Ørestad and stimulated urban development. And there’s a lot more metro on the way.

The Metro has been a success for the development of the capital, and without it we would not have Ørestad. That is the almost unanimous conclusion from several experts in real estate and urban development on the occasion of the Metro’s 10th anniversary this October.

"Infrastructure on this scale has helped to unite the city and enabled it to grow. Without the Metro we would not have Ørestad; they are inextricably linked," says Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, CEO of the development company, City & Port.

"I was not sure whether the Metro would have enough capacity, but now I am quite positive, and the Metro is an asset for Copenhagen. It is important that the infrastructure is in place before urban development goes ahead," says Jørgen Jørgensen from EDC Poul Erik Bech Business.

In his opinion, Ørestad will also benefit from the Copenhagen Arena, which is scheduled to open in 2015 - presumably with its own, new metro station, as Berlingske Business Properties unveiled in February.

"It is a concern both for companies looking for new leases and families looking for housing whether there is a Metro nearby or not. The Metro has helped to move Copenhagen, and with the Metro City Ring, we will get a fantastic city with a unique infrastructure," says CEO Per W. Hallgren from real estate company, Jeudan.