International schools are growing more popular

Enrolment in international primary schools in Denmark is increasing. According to the Confederation of Danish Industries, international schools are important in the battle for international talent, writes the Danish online newspaper

International schools across Denmark are generally experiencing an increase in students. With Denmark’s largest international school, Copenhagen International School in Hellerup, applications have reached a level that has made it necessary to open an additional school section in Østerbro,in central Copenhagen.

- Since 2007, we have had a busy waiting list. With the new Østerbro location we have gone from around 600 students to 800 in just 18 months, says Thomas Nielsen, Head of Admission, Copenhagen International School.

The expansion has eliminated the waiting list for now. However, the school is already having capacity trouble in some age groups.

Ebbe Forsberg, Head of Secretariat for the Association of Danish Private Schools, believes that the high demand is the result of the increasing number of foreign citizens moving to Denmark to work. The Confederation of Danish Industries is emphasizes that good international schools are vital to ensure proper framework conditions for foreigners living in Denmark.

- Research shows that schools are very important when foreigners consider staying in Denmark. We must offer good international school options, because if we don’t, foreign talent will locate elsewhere, says Claus Aastrup Seidelin.

The pupils in Denmark’s international schools are not exclusively international, as some Danish parents send their children as well.