Governor of Fukushima looks to Danish wind turbines

After the tsunami disaster, Japan is seeking Danish cleantech solutions to establish domestic wind power facilities, reports the Ritzau Bureau

The tsunami in Fukushima last year destroyed six atomic reactors and provoked a severe nuclear crisis. In the aftermath of this incident there has been a growing resistance towards nuclear power in Japan, which has contributed to a shutdown of the country’s nuclear-driven energy production.

And this need for alternative energy sources has led Yuhei Sato, Governor of Fukushima, to Denmark.

- The Governor has approached us in order to get more information about Danish wind turbines, which we are pleased to provide, says Anders Eldrup, President of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.

- This visit emphasises that we in Denmark are very competent in the cleantech arena and that we are capable of marketing ourselves to such an extent that decision-makers from Fukushima are turning to us on their own initiative with the aim of obtaining some of our knowhow, elaborates Anders Eldrup.

This Tuesday, Governor Sato, and a number of government officials and Japanese journalists will inspect the wind turbines at Middelgrunden in Øresund. The Japanese delegation will also meet with the Danish Minister for Climate, Martin Lidegaard, and visit Novo Nordisk.

Anders Eldrup hopes that this visit will drive the opportunity for Danish cleantech entities to deliver solutions for the massive reorganisation of the Japanese energy system.