Germany shows interest in Danish energy solutions

Germany’s decision to terminate all nuclear facilities by 2022 has great potential for Danish small and medium-sized enterprises, explains the Danish Institute of Technology to Danish Radio

Danish SMEs working with intelligent energy solutions are attractive to the German market.

- Denmark already has a great share of sustainable energy, which is why we are ahead of the Germans in testing new, different solutions, explains Frank Elefsen, Head of Technology at the Danish Institute of Technology. He recently participated in the Smart Green Home workshop arranged by the Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich.

Denmark is further ahead than any of their European neighbours in terms of testing new ways to optimise energy consumption and enhance the value of sustainable energy. More than one in five European projects take place in Denmark.

The multinational industrial giant Siemens welcomes the Danish research results and visions.

- We are pleased that Denmark is aiming to be the world’s leading test lab for green energy solutions, says Hubertus von Dewitz, Head of Research at Siemens Corporate Technology.

Denmark is currently carrying out several large demonstration projects at Bornholm, Billund and Kalundborg. The focus of the initiatives is how to use energy smarter, which as a concept has been dubbed smart grid.