Denmark voted the world's best climate advocate

No one can measure up to Denmark when it comes to efforts to protect and preserve the environment. That is the conclusion of a new report to be presented on Monday at COP18 in Doha, Qatar.

In terms of CO2 emissions, renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate-friendly policies, no one is better than Denmark.

That is the conclusion of the Climate Change Performance Index, which has ranked the efforts of different countries to protect the environment based on the above parameters.

The report has been prepared in cooperation with Germanwatch and will be published during the COP18 climate summit in Doha, Qatar on Monday.

Denmark scores 72.61 points out of a possible 100 and thereby holds the lead, closely followed by Sweden and with Portugal beaten into third place.

WWF, the NOAH environmental organisation and the Ecological Council have together been responsible for the assessment of the Danish political climate efforts. The latter explains that Denmark’s top ranking came as a result of the energy agreement in March which "was widely supported both at Christiansborg and in society in general”.

- The world needs countries that can be advocates of how to redirect an entire society towards renewable energy with a high degree of energy efficiency. Denmark is such a country. We are demonstrating in practice that it is both possible and economically viable to convert our energy supply, says Soren Dyck-Madsen, climate and energy employee at the Ecological Council.

WWF agrees and believes that the energy agreement has already produced tangible results.
- Now the challenge is to continue this positive trend, as we move forward with an ambitious effort to reduce emissions from transport and agriculture, says Hanne Jersild, Senior Adviser for climate and energy at WWF in a statement.