Copenhagen is the smartest city in Europe

Copenhagen is the smartest city in Europe according to Boyd Cohen’s ranking of cities in Europe that are working the hardest to create the most advanced urban landscapes.

In line with the ranking of the top 10 smartest cities in the world, where Denmark was ranked in 8th place, Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., LEED AP, a climate strategist helping to lead communities, cities and companies on the journey towards a low carbon economy, has now ranked the smartest cities in Europe.

Copenhagen is ranked as the number 1 smartest city in Europe. Boyd Cohen feels bad for the rest of the competitive sustainable and smart cities around the globe because Copenhagen regularly wins the top prize in rankings like this. Copenhagen may be most famous for its crazy high rates of cycling commuters (close to 40%!) but the city is more than people in suits on bikes. Their green credentials are world class, explains Boyd Cohen.

Copenhagen ranked number one in Europe on Siemens’ Greenest City Index, an index that measures and rates the environmental performance of 30 leading cities from 30 European countries, as well as their commitment to reducing their environmental impact, and number one in Boyd Cohen’s own Smart Environment ranking as well. Copenhagen has a bold target of becoming the first major capital city to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. The city generally scored well across all the components of Boyd Cohen’s Smart Cities Wheel, but also took home first place in the Smart People category due to its strong human capital ranking in the CitiGroup/Economist Intelligence Unit Global City Hotspots report.

This is an excerpt – read the whole article here. You can read more about Boyd Cohen here, his Smart Cities Wheel here and his Environment ranking here. Read more about Siemens’ Greenest City Index here.