Companies pursue new offshore adventures

An increasing number of Danish companies are exploring opportunities in the thriving offshore industry. Companies that traditionally operate in sectors outside the oil, gas and wind industry, but now see the high growth rates in the offshore industries as an incentive to find fresh fields.

“Many companies are discovering the abundant opportunities in the offshore industry. At the moment, it is one of the few sectors experiencing high growth rates. In recent years, the offshore wind turbine industry has experienced an average annual growth rate of 50 per cent, and that makes the sector interesting”, explains Peter Blach, CEO of Offshore Center Denmark. Over the past ten years, the association that organises companies in the offshore industry has experienced a member increase from about 40 companies to more than 250. Many small and medium-sized companies with specific core competences within various industries are now entering the offshore industry, according to Peter Blach.

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The industry is still in its tender years and is in need of a number of capabilities in addition to its core competences, including education, training, security, analysis and much more. “Now is the time to enter the offshore industry. And there’s room for new actors” says Peter Blach.

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