Commercial director: 20.000 new jobs in Copenhagen by 2020

The new commercial director of Copenhagen Municipality, Janus Krarup, wants greater entrepreneurship in Copenhagen, reports the Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper.

According to Janus Krarup, Copenhagen is to be a mecca for Danish and foreign entrepreneurs.

- We have to make it easier and quicker to establish a business in Denmark. As such we are going to create a single point of contact for companies registering with the municipalities, in order to avoid them having to get in touch with several different departments, says Janus Krarup.

On average, every business start-up in Denmark creates two jobs and every generation of entrepreneurs generates between 3,100 and 4,500 permanent jobs in Copenhagen.

Besides simplifying the procedure for registering new commercial entities, Janus Krarup plans to pool business competences in the municipalities. This way, an enquiry from a business person will reach all the relevant municipal departments. This will reduce the amount of meetings and bureaucracy.

Finally, the commercial director wishes to accentuate the diversity of the Danish capital.

- We are a multicultural city, and therefore we must also present initiatives that inspire other cultures to start up businesses in Denmark, elaborates Janus Krarup.

An extensive business consultation service available in several languages will be initiated in order to attract entrepreneurs from other cultures.

On the basis of recommendations from Copenhagen Business Task Force, the Municipality of Copenhagen is aiming to achieve five percent growth in GDP by 2020.