Boston Consulting Group’s e-Intensity Index 2012 ranks Denmark second in the world

The Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) e-Intensity Index measures online enablement, expenditure and engagement to provide an overall assessment of the internet activity worldwide. Like in 2011, Denmark tops BCG’s the index, only surpassed by South Korea.

Different from other internet indexes and rankings mainly focusing on network speeds and penetration, the e-Intensity Index provides a comprehensive cross-country assessment of the depth and breadth of internet activity, by measuring different countries’ supply of internet infrastructure (enablement), the demand for and use of online retail and advertising (expenditure), and internet services (engagement).

The report points to the fact that government policies play an important role in defining the differences between stronger and weaker performers and that targeted government policies are crucial to promote an extensive use of the internet. And exactly targeted policies have boosted internet use in Denmark where the government really seems to “get” the internet.

Read the report from Boston Consulting Group here.