Beijing and Copenhagen signs ambitious partnership on sustainable cities

Yesterday, at City Hall in Copenhagen, the Vice Mayor of Beijing, Mr. Chen Gang, and the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. With the memorandum, the two cities promise each other a close collaboration on sustainability in planning and construction.

The memorandum is the first result of the Sister City Agreement between the two capitals, signed in Beijing in June.

-Copenhagen is a city of great importance in Northern Europe and serves as the most developed region in Denmark in terms of commerce, emerging manufactural industry, service industry, and foreign trade. Recently, Copenhagen has made magnificent progress in practicing the idea of urban sustainable development and has accumulated plenty of experience, says Chen Gang.

Copenhagen Capacity is pleased with the memorandum that is anticipated to spark Chinese investments and Danish business opportunities.

-The Chinese economy will soon become the largest in the world. The memorandum between Beijing and Copenhagen enables us to point out specific areas of co-operation between the two cities and countries. This improves the Copenhagen Region’s – and Denmark’s – opportunities to promote our cleantech strongholds and attract Chinese investments and central stakeholders, says Claus Lønborg, CEO at Copenhagen Capacity.

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