250 million travelers across the Øresund Bridge

From the opening day till the end of September 2012, 250 million travelers have crossed the Øresund Bridge by car and train.

250 million travelers is amazing, considering the region has 3.6 million inhabitants. It is a clear indication that the bridge has been accretive to the development of the region’s surroundings, trade, tourism, business, the labour market and the integration across the Sound, says Caroline Ullman-Hammer, CEO of the Øresund Bridge.

Traffic has overall increased heavily during the first 12 years of the Øresunds Bridge’s life. In 2001, which was the first year for the bridge to be open for a full calendar year, a total of 12.9 million people traveled across the bridge by car and train. In 2011, this number had increased to 25 million travelers.

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