200 DKK Maersk millions for new international school

The A.P. Møller General Fund has donated DKK 200 million for a new international school in Copenhagen. That is great news for Denmark’s business life and competitiveness, writes business.dk.

In the future it will be easier for large Danish companies to attract highly skilled workers to Denmark. That is the expected outcome of the DKK 200 million donation the A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes (Almenfonden) has given to build a new international school.

The money has been donated to Copenhagen International School (CIS) in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen. In recent years, the school has rented space at a school in Østerbro because the number of students has outgrown the original school’s capacity.

Today the school has 800 enrolled students and is close to reaching the 900 students limit of the rented buildings.

-We are very pleased and grateful for the donation, which brings us a big step closer to creating a new and large international school. We hope to get the remaining funding in place as soon as possible, says John Bo Jacobsen, chairman of the property fund CIS that must raise an additional DKK 100 million to realise the project.

Politicians are also thrilled about the news, as international schools play a vital role for companies to attract international and skilled labour.

- A.P. Møller General Fund’s donation is very positive. It will boost growth, as one of the matters that hampers growth in Denmark is our shortcoming of attracting knowledge workers and experts. All analyses indicate that we need to increase the capacity of the international schools if we to change this unfortunate development, says Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen.

Minister for Business and Growth, Ole Sohn, is also happy with the prospect of a new international school. It is important for all of us, he says.

-Knowledge workers play a vital role within job creation, for unskilled workers as well as academics. As a result, it is important that Denmark has something to offer these employee groups and their families, he continues.

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