17 million to bioenergy in Region Zealand

In the coming two years, Region Zealand will focus on how to maximise the use of bioenergy resources in the region. Financial support of DKK 17 million has secured the realisation of project BioWatt, a shared regional biogas initiative.

The objective is to build 18 case studies, representing different types of plants adjusted to local geographical resources and conditions. Each of the 18 case studies should give a user-friendly and thorough overview of information that is usually difficult to find, including available biomass resources in selected areas and new methods of financing.

Each case study will involve municipalities, utility companies and citizen requests and needs, and will, among other things, present a sound decision-making basis for an organic biogas plant, a district heating station or a de-central heating plant in a village without access to district heating. The findings will be ready to implement and available to all interested municipalities, farmers, utility companies, investors and other stakeholders in the region. If Region Zealand’s biogas potential is fully exploited, the region could save up to 1,400,000 tons CO2 annually.

-By discovering how to construct profitable bioenergy plants in Region Zealand we built business acumen and develop important flagship competences that can be exported, as well as brand the Region in order to attract foreign capital. Project Biowatt is exciting for actors in Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, and that is why CCC has dedicated funds to the project, says Marianna Lubanski, Head of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.