Talent attraction gets massive support

Copenhagen Capacity, together with 28 partners from all over Denmark, will share experiences and best practices in attracting highly-skilled foreign labour to partners all over Denmark. This will happen through the extensive national project ‘Talent til Denmark’.

The Danish Business Promotion Board (Denmark’s Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse) has granted just under 40 million DKK to the project ‘Talent til Denmark’ (TalenTDK), which aims to support companies in all parts of Denmark in attracting and retaining highly qualified foreign employees.

The ‘Talent til Denmark’ project is led by Copenhagen Capacity, in close collaboration with a broad group of partners including business regions, business houses, universities, and professional organisations.

“Copenhagen Capacity has strong digital competencies and in-depth knowledge of which messages best attract highly-skilled foreign candidates. For the past years, we have annually helped companies in the Greater Copenhagen area fill about 250 vacancies, and we are looking forward to expanding this efficient model throughout all of Denmark”
- Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity

28 visionary project partners

The ‘Talent til Denmark’ project will run for the next three years. In addition to the funding received from the Danish Business Promotion Board, the 28 project partners will contribute just under 13 million DDK in co-financing, resulting in a total of 52.8 million DDK for the project.

“I would like to thank all the partners involved in the project for being visionary on behalf of Denmark. Attracting international talent is crucial for Danish business and for the future of Denmark, and in Copenhagen Capacity we look forward to the next three years of cooperation”
- Nikolaj Lubanski, director of talent attraction in Copenhagen Capacity

Best practices to benefit all

One element of the ‘Talent til Denmark’ project will be to share valuable experience and knowledge gathered in the Greater Copenhagen area to partners in the rest of Denmark, including attracting international STEM candidates (holding competencies in mathematics and science).

“The ‘Talent til Denmark’ project will strengthen Denmark's ability to attract and retain skilled foreign labour. And it is essential that one of the main focus areas of the project is to attract STEM competencies – at the moment, companies in Denmark are really struggeling to find people with such skills because the talent pool in Denmark is too small” - Mette
-Marie Harild, Vice President of Medtronic A/S and member of the Danish Business Promotion Board

Funding for four projects

The Danish Business Promotion Board has decided to support four projects aimed at attracting highly qualified foreign labour:

  • Go West (led by the municipality of Vesthimmerland)
  • Talent til Denmark, which is nationwide (led by Copenhagen Capacity)
  • Future Talent, which is operating at Fyn, in Southern Denmark and Mid Jutland (led by Work-Live-Stay Southern Denmark)
  • Moving Global Talent, which is nationwide (led by work-live-stay Southern Denmark).

The four projects are being co-financed with a total of 48 million DKK, of which 32 million DKK comes from the EU Social Fund and 16 million DKK from decentralised business promotions.

Do you want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the ‘Talent til Denmark’ project, please contact Nikolaj Lubanski, Director of Talent Attraction, via nl@copcap.com and 0045 22 16 15 11 or Dagmar Irgang, Talent Attraction Manager, via e-mail: dir@copcap.com.