Smart city Kalundborg has been launched

The partners behind the pioneer project Smart City Kalundborg have initiated a 3-year partnership. The partnership will test and develop solutions to be able to ensure an intelligent use of energy in order to realize Denmark’s major ambitions within wind, sun and biomass.

Smart City Kalundborg is a pioneer project that will contribute to achieving the green transition of Danish society and support the political goal of 50 per cent wind power by 2020. The project is aiming to demonstrate a range of practical solutions to some of the challenges which we face on our way to becoming a society independent of fossil fuels.

The smart city of Kalundborg will demonstrate how a city is able to exploit energy resources in the best possible way. This is done by getting the systems that control electricity, water, heat, transportation and buildings to talk to each other on an open platform, for which a number of companies will provide their technology and knowledge. With the project the municipality of Kalundborg is one step closer to becoming a smart city.

The project is one of the most ambitious carried out in Denmark so far. Besides making Kalundborg the city where the future Smart Grid will become reality, the goal is to deliver solutions and methods that inspire other cities in Denmark, as well other countries.

The partners behind Smart City Kalundborg
The local energy utility SEAS-NVE plays an important role in the project and is working in collaboration with the municipality of Kalundborg, Danish Energy and Spirae in a consortium, which has the main responsibility of completing the EUDP-project. In addition to the core partners, ABB, CleanCharge, Clever, Danfoss, Gaia Solar, DONG Energy, Gridmanager and Schneider Electric are participating in the project as well.

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