Plan B Energy Storage sets up operations in Copenhagen

Marine energy storage manufacturer Plan B Energy Storage has set up in Copenhagen, bringing energy storage systems to marine and grid solutions in Denmark. The Danish commitment to eliminating harmful emissions and the country’s green vision were decisive factors.

Plan B Energy Storage (PBES) is the industry leader in MWh grid and marine solutions, delivering the most safe and powerful systems in the world today.

In 2016, PBES has been awarded several energy storage contracts in the Nordic countries for hybrid and full electric ferries, which will produce substantially less or even zero emissions. Other commercial marine hybrid applications include offshore oil platforms, offshore supply vessels and wind farm support vessels.

Clean energy is a Nordic commitment

PBES Denmark will be the cornerstone of the energy storage industry in Denmark, delivering local jobs and focussing on bringing energy storage systems to marine and grid solutions in Denmark.

“Denmark joins Norway in building industry and technology that will change the quality of the world we live in. It is a testament to vision and commitment, which resides in the Nordic spirit. This spirit will change the face of the entire globe through demonstration and practical proof of the economic and social viability of large scale adoption of clean energy”, says Brent Perry, chief executive officer, PBES.

Local business startup support

PBES has been working with Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark to develop a Danish network that will bring rewards to Northern Europe – both in marine and renewable energy applications.

“We are very pleased to welcome PBES to Denmark. Their proven technology and business model provide a huge opportunity in Denmark and other EU countries. We look forward to supporting them in their continued success in Denmark and the EU”, says Matthew Delany, Regional Project Manager, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark.

Read PBES's press release here

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