Piper Environmental Group chooses Greater Copenhagen

The US based ozone solutions company, Piper Environmental Group, Inc., has moved their global headquarters and production to Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. Access to a leading water management hub and an innovative and collaborative business environment were decisive factors.

Piper Environmental Group, Inc. is specialised in designing and building ozone technology equipment to purify and preserve our water resources, ensuring clean drinking water.

Denmark has a long tradition of adopting to high environmental requirements and standards, and Danish companies are environmental technology front-runners. This offered Piper Environmental Group, Inc. a great starting point for meeting global demands.

Denmark is Europe’s leading hub for water management expertise, service and innovative solutions, and a leading exporter of water management technologies. That is why moving to Denmark and creating the Danish company, Piper Environmental Group ApS in Præstø, Greater Copenhagen, was an easy decision”, says Jane Piper, CEO & Founder of Piper Environmental Group.

New test ground for water contamination R&D

The company will be situated on a national test ground for soil contamination provided by Region Zealand.

“The test ground will be a 1,200 sqm site, serving as a research centre for developing and testing new methods for cleaning up contaminated soil and ground water. We aim to make the site a showcase for Danish knowhow and skills within water and soil contamination”, explains Chairman of the Regional Council, Region Zealand, Jens Stenbæk.

Serving the global markets from Greater Copenhagen

Piper Environmental Group, Inc. plans to manufacture ozone systems in Denmark and export to markets in Europe, Asia and the United States, where there is a growing need for well-documented, sustainable and effective ozone system solutions. A patent is already pending in Denmark.

I am excited by the prospects of using the “Made in Denmark” label to expand the company’s installations throughout Europe and beyond. I am very appreciative of the invaluable advice and support received from Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark. They made the pathway to establishing a business clearer and their guidance and direction has made the transition smoother than anticipated”, says Piper.

Copenhagen Capacity looks forward to welcoming Piper Environmental Group, Inc. to Denmark:

It is great that Piper Environmental Group has chosen Greater Copenhagen as their new hub for ensuring clean drinking water worldwide. The decision underlines Denmark’s position as a global water industry leader with a rare combination of talent, knowhow and favourable framework conditions. We hope the new test site will appeal to other companies, researchers and public authorities with an interest in solving soil and water contamination issues”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

How can we help you?

Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark assisted Piper Environmental Group, Inc. from initial considerations to final establishment.

If you want to know more about how we can help your company establish in Greater Copenhagen, please contact Project Manager, Matthew Delany, via e-mail matdel@um.dk or phone +45 4112 2803.