Nissan and ENEL to test first Grid Integrated Vehicles in Denmark

Nissan and ENEL have signed an agreement set to revolutionise the way consumers and businesses manage their energy use. Denmark will be the first test bed.

Denmark to host first set of trials

The agreement will bring the first Grid Integrated Vehicles to countries where regulation allows sufficient value generation. 

Denmark will host the first set of trials. Germany, the Netherlands and other Northern European countries following suit. 

Mobile energy hubs

The V2G charging infrastructure and V2G-enabled electric vehicles give electric car owners and businesses with large fleets the opportunity to create mobile energy hubs integrating their vehicles with the grid. The system works by allowing Nissan LEAF owners to connect to charge at low-demand, cheap tariff periods, with an option to use the electricity stored in the car battery at home when costs are higher, or feed back to the grid to generate additional returns.

The V2G technology allows electric cars to be fully integrated into the electricity grid by also improving grid capability to handle renewable power and will make renewable energy sources even more affordable and diffused. 

The agreement also envisages joint cooperation on other solutions such as energy management services using second-life and new batteries and charging stations to electric taxi cooperatives.

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