Small Danish island leads the way in local green energy

EU taking notes on Samsø’s local green energy production, according to the Danish Radio website

Samsø is a small island in the Kattegat to the west of Copenhagen. Although it is hardly visible on a national map, Samsø is an international leader in converting natural resources such as straw and wind into green, sustainable energy.

The EU Commission is currently preparing to use the island as a role model in the battle to find alternatives to using petroleum and other fossil fuels. Through a specifically designed programme, the knowledge and experience gained from producing green energy will be shared with the islands of Corfu, Madeira, Cyprus and others.

Søren Hermansen, Director of the Samsø Energy Academy, will meet with representatives of the European Union to discuss the opportunities.

- We are not seeking aid from the European Union. We would much rather participate in development projects such as the Pact of Islands, for which we could charge a fee, says Søren Hermansen.

- This is something that the EU does best, transmitting experiences from one place to another, so that other regions do not have to start from the bottom, but can start at a slightly higher level, concludes Søren Hermansen.