Denmark tops Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017

Denmark is the top scorer in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017 by WWF and Cleantech Group, excelling in commercialised cleantech and cleantech exports.

The 2017 Global Cleantech Innovation Index (GCII) shows the Nordic region has the strongest cleantech start-up creation leadership, providing the best conditions today for clean technology start-up creation.

Scoring above the mean for all metrics, Denmark tops this year’s index. The country is especially strong in commercialised cleantech where Denmark scores top marks for cleantech exports, the number of public cleantech companies and the number of renewable energy jobs.

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Denmark is also the top performer for the amount raised by cleantech funds (sharing this position with Israel) and the number of cleantech organisations.

Opportunities for venture capital investment

For the metric emerging cleantech, Denmark is fourth in the ranking for patents, but owing to the low amount of venture capital investment Denmark drops down to 11th place.

“Copenhagen has one of the world's most ambitious climate plans and is on track to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025. Projects and 3Ps in clean transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grid and smart city technologies have attracted major international companies such as Hitachi and Cisco. Greater Copenhagen offers plenty of opportunities for those wishing to invest in the profitable, green transition to a sustainable and fossil fuel-free society – and we are here to assist you all the way”, Claus Lønborg, CEO Copenhagen Capacity, says.

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Denmark performs on the Nordic average for perceived entrepreneurial opportunities and early-stage entrepreneurial activity.

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The study covers 40 countries, including all G20 countries, and the report is released by Cleantech Group and global conservation organisation WWF with support from partners United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Asian Development Bank (ADB), The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Swedish Energy Agency. Read the full report here.

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Greater Copenhagen is a hub for green investment and innovation, excelling in smart city and smart grid, renewable energy, water and waste management as well as recycling and upcycling technologies.

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