Denmark second strongest engineering nation in the world

Denmark is the second strongest engineering country in the world according to a new Engineering Index by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

Denmark takes the top two position in the list of countries by engineering strength in a new Engineering Index, with high employment in engineering, excellent digital connectivity, high average engineering wages, and high-quality infrastructure.

This first-ever Engineering Index is based on a report, commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering, ranking 99 countries by their engineering strength; its workforce, output, prospective recruits, the quality of research and where its impacts are most needed.

Denmark is an engineering top performer:

  • Engineering employment: 100%
  • Digital connectivity: 100%
  • Infrastructure quality: 84%
  • Wages and salaries: 81%
  • Gender balance: 73%
  • Human capital: 63%
  • Research: 50%
  • Engineering businesses: 32%
  • Engineering exports: 30%

A score of 100% indicates that a country outstrips all other countries in the prevalence of a particular index component.

Biomedicine, infrastructure, foods and new manufacturing material

Engineers are responsible for some of the most important advances in biomedicine, and they have played a key role in building the infrastructure around us – from roads to utility networks. Engineers also play a role in the development of food and new materials, such as cutting-edge foams and coatings to be used in manufacturing.

About the Engineering Index

This report considers the impact of engineering on economic development on a global scale. For the first time, this report brings together all available data from 99 countries to paint a picture of global engineering. It uses a comprehensive selection of indicators to calculate a new ‘Engineering Index’: a measure of the engineering strength of different countries.

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