Denmark number 2 in IMD World Talent Ranking 2016

Denmark comfortably holds the second spot in the World Talent Ranking 2016 by IMD, ranking economies best equipped to develop, attract and retain business talent.

For the fifth year running, Denmark takes the lead position as the second best country for talent, according to the IMD World Talent Report 2016, scoring high on quality of life, skilled labour, university education, worker motivation and language skills.

“The new IMD talent ranking emphasises that Denmark is great for business, offering a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Copenhagen is a green, clean and happening city that tops almost every quality of life ranking and has excellent potential for attracting and retaining international talent”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenagen Capacity – Invest in Greater Copenhagen.

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Leading business talent hotspot

The objective of the World Talent Report is to assess how countries around the globe sustain the talent pool necessary for businesses to maximise their performances.

“Northern Europe has generally retained its ‘powerhouse’ reputation and still represents the world’s greatest concentration of business talent hotspots. This is mainly because their education systems feed the economy with the required talent,” said Professor Arturo Bris, Director of IMD’s World Competitiveness Center.

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World’s best at attracting and retaining talent

The research draws on more than two decades’ worth of competitiveness-related data, including an in-depth survey of thousands of executives in the 61 countries studied. Rankings are aggregated from performance in three overarching categories – investment/development, appeal and readiness – compiled from a wide range of factors.

Denmark ranks 1st on investment and development, 3rd on readiness and 11th on appeal, scoring high on paramount factors:

  • No. 1 on attracting and retaining talent
  • No. 1 on worker motivation
  • No. 1 on language skills
  • No. 2 on management education
  • No. 2 on personal security and private property rights 
  • No. 3 on employee training 
  • No. 5 on university education
  • No. 6 on quality of life
  • No. 6 on skilled labour

See the 2016 IMD Talent Report here.

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