Denmark is 2nd most digitally ready country in Europe

Denmark comes 4th worldwide and 2nd in Europe in new IMD ranking which measures the capacity and readiness of nations to adopt and explore digital technologies. Denmark’s strongest performance is in adaptive attitudes, IT integration, talent, and training & education.

The IMD World Digital Competitiveness ranking, produced by the IMD World Competitiveness Center, measures the capacity and readiness of 63 economies to adopt and explore digital technologies as a key driver for economic transformation in business, government and wider society.

Denmark comes 4th, with all top five economies in the index unchanged: USA, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.

“Greater Copenhagen is one of the most creative and innovative metropoles in Europe having fostered global success companies such as Skype, Unity, Trustpilot, Zendesk, Momondo, JustEat and Vivino. We have a highly educated work force, and the public-private collaboration in research and development is almost second to none. International investors and startups have great opportunities here, and we are ready to help.”
- Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity

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Denmark is second best prepared for the future

To evaluate an economy, the IMD World Digital Competitiveness ranking examines three factors; Future readiness, Knowledge, and Technology.

Denmark came second best in future readiness among all 63 economies assessed, and it’s strongest performance among the sub-factor was in adaptive attitudes and IT integration (1st in both). It also performed well in talent and training & education (6th in both).

The Danes are digital and online

#2 in future readiness - the preparedness for the coming developments

  • No. 1 E-participation
  • No. 4 Internet retailing
  • No. 7 Smartphone possession
  • No. 9 Tablet possession
  • No. 9 Attitudes toward globalization

High expenditure on education and R&D

#6 in knowledge - the capacity to understand and learn new technologies

  • No. 1 Total R&D personnel per capita
  • No. 2 Employee training
  • No. 3 Management of cities
  • No. 6 Netflow of international students
  • No. 6 Total public expenditure on education
  • No. 8 Total expenditure on R&D (%)

Access to venture capital and funding

#11 in technology - the competence to develop new digital innovations

  • No. 1 Country credit rating
  • No. 4 Intellectual property rights
  • No. 6 Scientific research legislation
  • No. 6 Communications technology
  • No. 8 Internet users
  • No. 9 Venture capital
  • No. 9 Funding for technological development

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Explore tech business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen

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