Denmark is the fifth best connected country in the world

Denmark maintains its 5th place ranking in Global Connectivity Index 2019, performing well in all the major technology enablers; Broadband, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

AI-infused intelligent connectivity begins to have a meaningful impact on the digital economy and sparks a tipping point for digital transformation.

In Denmark, companies have great opportunity to explore the technologies which make up the backbone of tomorrow's connected society; the country maintains its 5th place in the Global Connectivity Index 2019 by Huawei, performing well in all the major technology enablers; broadband, cloud, AI and IoT.

“Denmark has a solid foundation for developing IoT capabilities and using sensor data to drive future innovation. It can also bring together partners and source solutions to put businesses on track to an IoT future. Studies show that Danish companies are confident about the potential of IoT, with the nation’s advanced infrastructure able to support IoT rollout”
- Global Connectivity Index, 2019

Danes are tech-savvy and online

Not only business, but also the population is confident about online opportunities, with almost all Danish people online and making good use of online services, especially banking, shopping, and online entertainment.

This online behaviour is enabled by a strong IT infrastructure, with Denmark achieving maximum scores in the following indicators, which have been assessed in 79 countries:

  • Internet participation
  • Mobile and fixed broadband affordability
  • Smartphone penetration
  • Computer households
  • 4G connections
  • Fixed and Mobile broadband subscription
  • Internet secured servers
  • ICT investment
  • E-government services
  • A leading tech hub in AI, IoT, and big data

A leading European tech hub

Cloud computing and AI investment in Denmark also saw improvements over last year.

“Digital Hub Denmark, a public-private partnership, will be able to transform Denmark into one of the main European tech-hubs in the areas of artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data. This will improve companies’ access to talent and facilitate collaboration on digital business models between larger companies, start-ups, and universities”
- Global Connectivity Index, 2019

Top 10 most connected countries

  1. United States
  2. Switzerland
  3. Sweden
  4. Singapore
  5. Denmark
  6. Japan
  7. Finland
  8. Norway
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Netherlands

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