Denmark in top 10 of the world's most innovative countries

According to The Global Innovation Index 2014 (GII), Denmark remains one of the world’s most innovative countries.

This year, Denmark is ranked 8th in the world, and is thus up one position since last year. Denmark achieves a leading position (within the top 25) in all pillars and in 13 out of 21 sub-pillars, with strengths in the cost of redundancy dismissal (1st), domestic credit to private sector (2nd), government effectiveness (3rd), government expenditure on education (3rd), the number of researchers (3rd), the number of scientific and technical articles (3rd), and country-code top-level domains (3rd).

However, to improve Denmark’s innovation capacity even further, attraction of foreign investments and international talents needs to be prioritised as those are fundamental drivers behind any innovation process.

About the study
The Global Innovation Index 2014 (GII) is co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, an agency of the United Nations, UN). The core of the GII Report consists of a ranking of world economies’ innovation capabilities and results.

The study method includes assessment and calculation of 143 countries’ institutions, investment in research and development, infrastructure, business and market maturity, knowledge and technology production and creative production.

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