Matchmaking event creates 21 hires

In December 2019 a matchmaking event with 13 companies and 90 international candidates took place at Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden. The result was 12 full-time and 9 part-time successful job matches.

Together with Ideon Science Park, Medicon Village, and International Citizen Hub Lund, Copenhagen Capacity hosted a highly successful matchmaking event.

360 international candidates applied to be a part of the event and 90 were carefully selected to participate. The candidates met with 13 companies from the Greater Copenhagen area, resulting in a total of 148 interviews and 21 hires. 

The participating companies were: Axis Communications, Beijer Electronics, Boozt, Energy Opticon, Lime Technologies, Longboat Amniotics, Maderik Institute of Management, NY Consulting, PayTack, Qoitech, Saromics Biostructures, Skymill & Younium.

“We believe in a diverse workforce”

Throughout the day, candidates participated in one-on-one interviews with companies based on the candidate’s educational background and previous experience, and the company’s recruitment needs. 

"We highly believe in a diverse workforce. We are sure that diverse groups is a benefit for our organisation, and also for the people working for us."

- Daniel Granat Kepka, HR Specialist Axis Communication

A great way to meet new employees

The 90 candidates all study or work in Greater Copenhagen - either in Sweden or Denmark - and attended the event to expand their network and lay the ground for their future careers. 

"I’m here today to network and to grow better connections, to grow my network in the Greater Copenhagen area!"

- Grace Y. Lee, MSc. in Water & Environment at Copenhagen University 

Want to participate in a matchmaking event?

The Ideon event it will return in 2020 – please reach out to Dan Rosenberg at if your company is interested in participating in this or a similar matchmaking event.

Interested to see what the International Matchmaking Event looked like - click here to see the aftermovie.