Copenhagen launches world’s first city data marketplace

Copenhagen, in partnership with Hitachi, has launched the world’s first marketplace for city data, the City Data Exchange, providing public and private data from the metropole. With a special focus on challenges in the city, the data enable new knowledge about, for example, traffic patterns and citizens’ energy consumption, which companies can use to develop new, innovative solutions to create smarter cities.

Copenhagen’s new City Data Exchange, which launched on 18 May, follows in the footsteps of similar projects such as the pioneering Leeds Data Mill, but the Copenhagen portal is the first platform to monetise data and create a city data market.

1.3 billion bytes of data available in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been a trailblazer in smart city initiatives since declaring its ambition of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025, and the data marketplace brings Copenhagen at the forefront of collecting and using data to develop new smart city solutions to handle the challenges of urbanisation and climate change. 

“There are now vast data sets available at the Copenhagen City Data Exchange, which Danish and foreign companies can use to build new and innovative solutions, supporting city functions such as green infrastructure planning, traffic management and energy usage. Copenhagen Capacity is ready to assist all foreign companies who want to tap into this business opportunity”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity, who assists foreign companies and investors in establishing in Greater Copenhagen free of charge.

Hitachi Consulting won tender in Copenhagen

65 sources of open data on Copenhagen have already been found including demographics, weather and crime statistics. By combining this with information submitted by businesses and citizens, the platform will enable advanced analytics to support data-driven smart city functions enabling cities and regions to reach ambitious carbon reduction targets and create growth.

The platform is built in partnership with the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Capital Region, CLEAN (a Danish cleantech cluster organisation), and a consortium of partners. 

The Copenhagen city government contributed 4 million Danish kroner (EUR 537,000) to support the platform and the Capital Region followed suit with 5 million Danish kroner. Hitachi Consulting won a tender to lead the project and in May 2015 started working on both the technical solution and building up the ecosystem of data suppliers and consumers.

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