Copenhagen is the world’s second best city for talent

Copenhagen has once again established its position as one of the world’s most attractive cities for international talent. The city comes second in the 2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index, ranking talent powerhouses able to attract, grow and empower entrepreneurial talent.

Out of 114 cities worldwide, Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, is ranked second best when it comes to enabling, attracting, growing and retaining talent according to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019.

“This year’s report has a special focus on entrepreneurial talent; how it is being encouraged, nurtured and developed. Entrepreneurial talent is critical to the development of vibrant innovation ecosystems, bringing focus to small and medium-size enterprises, including start-ups and unicorns”
- CTCI 2019

Talent drives innovation and growth

The CTGI report includes four pillars on the input side — enable, attract, grow and retain — focusing on actions for policymakers and business leaders, and two output pillars, benchmarking national performances in technical/vocational and global knowledge skills.

Copenhagen’s performance:

No. 4 in business environment (Enable)
No. 9 in employment, innovation and leadership (Build Global Knowledge)
No. 11 in education and training (Grow)
No. 13 in quality of life (Retain)
No. 16 in removing barriers (Attract)

“Cities rather than countries are developing stronger roles as attractive talent hubs, especially for entrepreneurial talent – and they are the ones who will drive innovation and growth in today’s digitized and globalized society. Copenhagen offers an inclusive business culture and a high quality of life, which most internationals moving here really appreciate. This makes Copenhagen a great choice for global talents as well as for companies looking to expand to Northern Europe”
- Nikolaj Lubanski, Talent Director, Copenhagen Capacity

Denmark is the fifth best country for talent

The GTCI report also ranks countries, and Denmark takes the fifth place, surpassed only by Switzerland, Singapore, USA and Norway.

“Denmark is a top performer. Strong regulatory and market landscapes are complemented by an exemplary labour and business Landscape that combines flexible labour markets with comprehensive social protection. As for retaining talent, the country boasts strong performances in both the sustainability and lifestyle subpillars”
- CTCI 2019

About the Index

The 2019 GTCI report, published by INSEAD, the Business School for the World, in partnership with the Adecco Group and Tata Communications, is a comprehensive annual benchmarking measuring how countries and cities grow, attract and retain talent, providing a unique resource for decision makers to understand the global talent competitiveness picture and develop strategies for boosting their competitiveness. The 2019 index covers 125 national economies and 114 cities. Read more about the GTCI report here.

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