C40 opens permanent base for green transition in Copenhagen

C40 – the world’s leading climate network for megacities – opens a permanent base in Copenhagen today. The new base will create closer collaboration between cities and the private sector to speed up the transition to low-carbon economies.

As from today, Copenhagen will be the permanent base of C40; the world’s leading climate network for megacities.

C40 connects more than 85 of the world’s greatest cities, representing over 650 million people and one quarter of the global economy.

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Supports cooperation between cities and the private sector

Drawing on Copenhagen’s unique expertise in sustainable urban development, the new C40 office will serve as a centre for the network’s global business, economy and innovation programme. By supporting greater cooperation between C40 cities and the private sector, it will help mayors worldwide to overcome barriers to delivering on their ambitious climate change agendas.

”Copenhagen has one of the world's most ambitious climate plans and is on track to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2025. There are great opportunities for C40 in opening an office in Copenhagen to draw on the knowledge here. The city has created a wide range of green solutions in urban planning, energy, cycling infrastructure and much more, which cities all over the world want to learn from,” said Simon Hansen, Head of C40 Copenhagen office.

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Copenhagen is a green front runner

Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and Vice Chair of the C40 network, is excited about the decision:

"That C40 is opting to set up a base in Copenhagen is an official recognition of the city’s position as a green leader. This will encourage still more mayors around the world to look at Copenhagen’s solutions for inspiration in developing their cities," said Frank Jensen.

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Want to know more about cleantech in Greater Copenhagen?

Greater Copenhagen is a hub for green investment and innovation, excelling in smart city and smart grid, renewable energy, water and waste management as well as recycling and upcycling technologies.

If you would like know more about business opportunities and Greater Copenhagen’s cleantech industry, please contact Director of Investment Promotion, Marianna Lubanski, via email: mlu@copcap.com or phone: 0045 30 46 36 40.