Denmark is the world’s fifth most talent competitive country

If your business platform is based on skilled employees, Denmark is worth considering. In the recent Global Talent Competitiveness Index, Denmark is number one in the Nordics and number five in the world.

Denmark is once again ranked as the best country in the Nordic region in terms of growing, attracting, retaining and creating attractive conditions for global talent, according to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2015/16.

“Denmark has a strong talent base available for companies wanting to invest in R&D in areas such as life sciences, healthtech, cleantech, ICT and smart city. So if you are considering setting up business in Northern Europe, Greater Copenhagen offers a very attractive business environment – and Copenhagen Capacity is ready to advise and assist you all the way”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

Globally, Denmark is the fifth best ranking country, only a hair’s breadth behind the United States, and in Europe, Denmark is the third best ranking country, only surpassed by Switzerland and Luxembourg. 

20% cheaper than Stockholm

Denmark does not only offer a skilled workforce, the bright minds also come at a very competitive price. Salary levels for researchers, postdocs and other highly skilled employees such as engineers and R&D team leaders are lower than in other major cities in Northern Europe.

And when looking at the costs for operating a Scandinavian headquarters or a shared services centre, Copenhagen is 20 per cent cheaper than Stockholm in terms of employment costs and office rent. 

According to the report Denmark’s strengths include:

  • Attractive business conditions, such as a flexible labour market regulation, making it is easy to hire and fire.
  • A highly educated workforce.
  • High-level research supported by substantial government investment.
  • A strong educational system.
  • The unique Scandinavian management style that makes room for self-development.
  • Freedom of expression and participation.
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Top 10 in Europe

  1. Switzerland
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Denmark
  4. Sweden
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Norway
  7. Finland
  8. Netherlands
  9. Germany
  10. Austria
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