New leading acoustics R&D lab at DTU

The Technical University of Denmark expands its acoustics R&D facilities with four new acoustics labs, including an anechoic chamber, and workspaces for researchers and students.

The new acoustics lab buildings at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are home to four research groups and include eight custom-designed rooms for research in communication via voice, acoustics physiology and sound perception as well as an audiovisual lab, including a large anechoic chamber.

“Building tomorrow’s acoustics lab which must be absolutely state-of-the-art and flexible has been a great challenge. DTU wanted functionalities which have never been built before. The result is acoustics lab facilities offering unique opportunities to test and develop new solutions”, says Troels Schmidt Lindgreen from ALECTIA who assisted DTU in the design and tender process.

A ball of 64 speakers
The facilities include a new anechoic room equipped with a large round speaker consisting of 64 small speakers. Owing to the room’s two unique sound-transparent floors, the exact position of sounds can then be determined very accurately. Due to the extra floor, the speakers can be placed in positions that make the sound fields very accurate – which will increase the quality of research. A large curved screen will also be installed in order to include the visual aspect in the research.

The research group, who will use these facilities, do research in the human perception of sound such as individual sound perception as well as measuring hearing based on the electrical signals produced in the brain.