China looks to Denmark for smart city solutions

The China Building Centre in Beijing is among the Chinese business delegations who are visiting Greater Copenhagen in increasing numbers to learn about smart city and sustainable urban development.

Air pollution, waste and wastewater management as well as heavy traffic are challenges which large cities in China and around the world are working hard to solve.

Denmark is one of the only countries in the world that has managed to double GDP without increasing the energy consumption in the past 25 years. This recipe for green growth awakens interest among companies and government agencies in China.

”Our study trip to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is focused on urban regeneration projects at building, neighbourhood and city level. Copenhagen has very strong competences in green building and eco-city development including historical buildings and former industrial areas being transformed into new sustainable city districts, combining residential and recreational areas with offices and creative entrepreneurship parks”, says YANG Lei, Deputy Director, CBC Academy.

The China Building Centre will visit Greater Copenhagen in June 2015 with a delegation including 20 leading Chinese professionals in the architecture, urban planning and construction industry.

Signing of agreement on eco-city development

A business delegation from the Fengtai District of the Beijing Municipality will also visit Greater Copenhagen in June. The delegation will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Municipality of Frederikssund to exchange knowledge about eco-city development and sustainable urban planning. The City of Beijing has previously signed MoUs with the Municipality of Copenhagen about sustainable urban development, tourism and water management.

During the stay in Greater Copenhagen, the Fengtai delegation will, among other things, meet with the cleantech cluster CLEAN and various Danish cleantech companies to seek potential cooperation opportunities regarding smart city solutions and city development projects.

Provide a wish list
Copenhagen Capacity assists foreign business delegations in tailoring visiting programmes in Greater Copenhagen. Many Chinese delegations provide a wish list of projects, urban development areas, companies and government agencies that they would like to visit in Greater Copenhagen.

Popular destinations include:

  • The sustainable city district Nordhavn, which is under construction and includes EnergyLab, a leading live test laboratory for future energy solutions.
  • The new city district Ørestad.
  • Amager Ressource Center (ARC), one of the world’s most advanced and energy efficient waste facilities.
  • DOLL Lighting Lab, a world-leading smart city and LED-lighting solutions test centre.
  • The wind park at Middelgrunden.
  • Bicycle paths and infrastructure.
  • Water treatment plants.

Organisations such as State of Green, Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) and HOFOR are also popular.

“Greater Copenhagen has many remarkable showcases for delegations wishing plug and play solutions to be imported immediately as well as for those interested in research and development and testing facilities. Moreover, it is easy to meet with politicians, government officials, state-owned companies and networking organisations,” says Claus Lønborg, CEO of Copenhagen Capacity, who assists foreign companies in setting up a business in Greater Copenhagen.

In 2015, Copenhagen Capacity has helped 14 Chinese business delegations to tailor their visiting programme in Greater Copenhagen and more are in the pipeline.