Roaring export of Danish clean air technologies

The rising challenge of air pollution has led to an export adventure for Danish companies specialised in clean air technologies. Exports increased by 80% from nearly EUR 670 million in 2009 to nearly EUR 1.2 billion in 2013.

Cleaner ship engines, better catalyzers for cars and chimneys as well as Nordic Eco-labeled burning stoves are just some the technologies developed by Danish companies and exported to the world.

In total, there are more than 500 companies in the Danish clean air sector, employing about 18,000 employees and generating yearly exports of nearly EUR 1.2 billion, which is a boom that paves the way for a true Danish export adventure.

“Air pollution is one of the greatest environmental problems on a global scale. Danish companies have progressed very far in development of clean air solutions, which we can sell to many countries so that people across the world can have clean air,” says Minister of the Environment, Kirsten Brosbøl.

Danish clean air companies generate a total turnover of more than EUR 6.43 billion, which corresponds to the turnover in the rain and wastewater management sector.

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