Politicians agree on international school in the Carlsberg city district

The Copenhagen City Council has approved the contract for the construction of Denmark's first international school in the Carlsberg city district.

The new international school has a capacity for 900 students. The construction work is scheduled to begin during 2016 and, according to the plan, the first students will move into the new premises in autumn 2018.

"The school fits well into the Carlsberg city district’s plans to develop a diverse, attractive and busy neighborhood. The Calsberg city district will also be home to one of Denmark’s largest campuses, Carlsberg Campus, accommodating 10,000 students as well as a new S-train station, Carlsberg Station, which will serve the many commuters and residents of the new neighborhood," says Morten Fossum, director of the development company Carlsberg City.

The new international school is good news for Copenhagen which is eager to attract and retain international researchers, knowledge workers and students.

“We need to ensure growth and jobs in Copenhagen, and we know that good international schools are essential to attracting highly qualified international employees. A European school in Copenhagen has been one of my priorities for a long time. Now it is a reality, not least because of contributions from a number of foundations,” says the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen.