Denmark has 21 of the 100 best workplaces in Europe

A new study conducted by the global consultancy agency, Great Place to Work, shows that 21 of Europe’s best workplaces are located in Denmark.

Germany takes a lead position with 23 of the best workplaces in Europe, while Denmark comes in second. The figures are based on national surveys from 19 European countries in which 2,339 businesses participated, including 136 from Denmark.

“I think it is impressive that many Danish businesses score so high. We should be proud of that,” says Ditte Vigsø, CEO of the Danish branch of Great Place to Work in a press release.

“A recent Eurostat study also showed that Denmark obtains a top position when it comes to job satisfaction compared to other countries,” she adds.

The highest ranked Danish company is the public housing association Bofælleskaberne Edelsvej. Other Danish companies in top ten include Irma, Beierholm and Comwell.

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