Danish entrepreneurs invent biodegradable bottle made from recycled paper

The Danish Technological Institute and the Zealand business paper business EcoXpac have developed a cheap and energy-efficient method of converting fibers from recycled paper into bottles that are coated with beach sand to remain proof.

The bottle can be recycled just as paper waste, and it is biodegradable because it is made of 97 per cent paper and 3 per cent silicon dioxide, which is equivalent to beach sand or quartz rolled out in a very thin layer.

“The bottle is not yet fully developed, but all indications are that it will be much cheaper to produce than a normal plastic bottle. This means that it is price-competitive with cardboard milk cartons and plastic bottles, which can be ascribed to the main ingredient being recycled paper," says Søren Rahbek Østergaard, Head of Section at the Danish Technological Institute and expert in packaging

The bottle is produced in a pilot production facility developed by EcoXpac. The fibers mainly come from waste paper mixed with water which are then molded to form a bottle by means of a vacuum.

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